Industrial Supply - HANNOVER MESSE 2014, 7-11 April Hannover, Germany


We are Pleased to participate in the worldwide leading industrial subcontracting xou, Bringing together in one space and time 7 key industrial technologies fairs: Industrial automation / Digital factory / Research and Technology / Energy / Industrial Supply / Mobilitec / Industrial Greentec.


As part of this event, global leader of industrial and technological world, representing first meeting place for all the sectors of the industrial technology, you can find us in the subcontracting xou "Industrial Supply" Hall 4 Estand G12, where we will be glad to introdueix the new Matriçats capabilities in the field of the Engineering, Process and Product Industrialisation, the Deep drawing, Stamping and Processing in Stainless Steel, and the 3D làser Cutting and Welding.


Matriçats, Metall deep drawing company with a featured leading in the market of the cool stainless steel and other metalls transformation, is present in the world 's leading meeting industry sector and the potential customers in all the industrial sectors, Strengthening its position in the international markets, being one of the actors of the last sector innovations, adding value with our services and solutions, which we groupe in 3 differenced lines:

1. Producte i processament DESIGN in stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium i altres metallic materials.

2. Process Industrialization of stamping and deep drawing processes. 3D làser cutting and welding.

3. Serial PRODUCTION d'estamping i deep drawing parts in stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminium i altres metal·lic materials.